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The audio corner of the Whoniverse

Nowhere to post your Erimem fic? Want to squee about the new Dalek Empire release? Have a theory about Zagreus? Simply want to know which audios to get first? bigfinishlove is the place for you!

This community is for Big Finish fans - from discussion and reviews to fics and icons, everything and anything is welcome. Although I assume that most posts here will be related to their Doctor Who range, posts about other releases (Sapphire and Steel, 2000AD, etc.) are welcome as well. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to affiliate, please comment here.

Adventures in the 27th century
- 2007 Doctor Who Big Finish Audio Ficathon:
Masterlist & Leftover prompts | Thoughts on the ficathon?


What is allowed
+ Discussion: Please post spoiler warnings if necessary
+ Reviews: Please post spoiler warnings if necessary
+ Fanfiction: Anything with adult content should be clearly marked and put behind a cut
+ Icon Posts: If you are posting more than three icons, please put the rest behind a cut
+ Any other content (sane or otherwise) relating to Big Finish

What is not allowed
+ Character bashing
+ Flaming
+ Rude or offensive comments
+ If you're having any problems, comment on the mod post


+ Big Finish Productions
+ Official BBC Classic Doctor Who Site


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+ avendya, ficathon helper

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