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The Doctor and Lucie Miller to return in January 2008

The latest issue of DWM reveals that the new series of adventures for the Doctor and Lucie Miller will kick off in January with the release of Dead London by Pat Mills. Guest cast for this story includes Clare Buckfield and Rupert Vansittart.

Pat Mills is of course famous for his comic book efforts, in particular 2000AD, and also made early contributions to the comic strip for Doctor Who Weekly. He also came close to writing for the series on television in the eighties with his storyline, The Song of the Space Whale, being developed for both Peter Davison and Colin Baker.  At one point the story was the introduction for Turlough but was eventually dropped from production for the twenty second series in favour of Vengence on Varos.

February 2008 will see the release of the second story, Max Warp, by Jonathan Morris. The guest cast for this story will include Graeme Garden, James Fleet and Duncan James who play a trio that apparently reminds Big Finish Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs of ' ...some presenters that i have seen on a certain BBC2 motoring show.'
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